Stockholm Data Parks

Stockholm Data Parks is a long-term commitment to make Stockholm an attractive hub for large data centers that employ heat recovery. We do this by bringing together, preparing and offering all necessary infrastructure elements at attractive greenfield and brownfield sites suited for data center activity.


We make it easy for you to build your data center in Stockholm

The first Data Park with initial sites is in Kista, the technology hub of Stockholm.

For the sites in Data Park Kista:

  • The City or other owner has agreed to sell or rent the site for data center activities.
  • Suitable permission to build exists for the (“Byggrätt”) site, or the required application process has been initiated.
  • The infrastructure providers have committed to provide the site with adequate power, cooling/heat recovery and dark fiber.

Furthermore we are working to introduce Skarpnäck.

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You can also download our white paper for more information about heat recovery and how you can gain from it.