This year the DCD Energy Smart Conference was virtually in Stockholm, 27-28 April

For the third year in a row, Stockholm was co-hosting Europe’s leading conference on data center sustainability. The agenda was great with speakers from companies such as Google, Microsoft, Equinix and, of course, Stockholm Data Parks and Stockholm Exergi.

On this page, set up in connection with the conference, you can learn more about Stockholm Data Parks and its founders.


Representatives from Stockholm Data Parks gave the following presentations:

10:00  Official Welcome & Opening
George Rockett, DCD | Anna König Jerlmyr, City of Stockholm

11:00 Can we decarbonise digital infrastructure in time to make an impact?
Andy Lawrence, Uptime Institute | George Rockett, DCD | Jens Malmodin, Ericsson
Chad McCarthy, Equinix | Anders Egelrud, Stockholm Exergi

12:00 Address by Anders Ygeman, Minister for Energy and Digital Development

12:10 Stockholm – a circular city: The role of the data center as a resource in city infrastructure
Erik Rylander, Stockholm Data Parks

14:00  What role will data centers play in “the grid of the future”?
Peter Judge, DatacenterDynamics
Mohan Gandhi, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance
Halvor Bjerke, DigiPlex
Stephan Stålered, Ellevio


Click here for the full program of DCD>Energy Smart event

Stockholm – the Capital of Scandinavia

Known as Europe’s unicorn factory and with the largest number of regional headquarters in the Nordics, Stockholm is also the hub for colocation. The city has a reputation of being a green and innovative place and is aiming to become a world leader in developing, commercializing and applying new energy and environmental technology.

Welcome to Invest Stockholm

Stockholm Exergi

Stockholm Exergi is responsible for keeping the Stockholmers warm.  One way of doing that is to buy data center waste heat. In Stockholm, you can turn cost for cooling into revenue from recovered heat. In parallel your data center will contribute to a more sustainable future.

Welcome to Stockholm Exergi


Stefan – a business project leader at Ellevio – talks from the electrical networks’ point of view about distributing green energy to data centers in Stockholm.

Welcome to Ellevio

Welcome to Stockholm – the Fibercity

We welcome you to learn more about the unique possibilities in the capital of Scandinavia, with tech friendly people, a thriving business environment and the largest open dark fibre network in the world. A city where existing data centers, businesses and street level are already connected by our network of dark fiber.

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Do you want to learn more about Stockholm Data Parks and heat recovery  investment opportunities? Please contact us for more information.

  • Erik Rylander
  • Head of Data Center Cooling and Heat recovery
  • Stockholm Exergi