Partner Insights

The purpose of this page is to spread information about energy efficiency practices and innovative solutions in the data center industry or sectors directly related to the industry.

We call the page “Partner Insights”, because here we allow our partners to present their best ideas on how we can make the industry more sustainable through innovative and energy efficient solutions and offerings.

Our objective is that the texts contributed by our partners should be informative and educational for any reader involved in designing, constructing, running or using a data center, or anyone who wants to understand the latest trends in making data centers more efficient.

Stockholm Data Parks is responsible for publishing the text, but the content is the responsibility of the partners who have written the texts.

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Partner Insight by Victaulic

Increasing demands, like higher power density, are introducing new requirements for building data center cooling infrastructure. In an article by Victaulic, you can learn how combining prefabrication, virtual reality and BIM (Building Information Modelling) with grooved mechanical pipe joining is changing the economics and flexibility of building and running a data center that is ready to take on the data loads of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Read the story here

Partner Insight by Piller

New demands on data centers require new thinking on how the future solutions for uninterruptable power supply should be designed. In this article, Piller – a supplier of static and rotary UPS technology – shares its views on why so-called rotary UPS together with flywheel technology is the best choice for modern data centers targeting the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest reliability while keeping environmental concerns in focus.

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Modular data centers gaining in popularity.

There are many explanations for this trend, with the main reasons being the desire to match capital expenditure with a gradual or unpredictable growth in demand and reduce Time-To-Market. But how fast can you build a modular data center? Supplier of modular data centers BASELAYER was asked by the Washington State Utility PSE to build two data centers in ten months. However, with one of the sites becoming unavailable, the project’s effective time to set up the two data centers became less than six months.

Read the story here or see the YouTube summary of the construction here.


The Future of Heat Pumps in Data Centers is here and supports smarter urbanization.

The idea of a heat pump in a Data Center may sound counterintuitive; after all Data Center servers produce heat and the objective is to cool the servers and get rid of it, right? Why would one want to use a heat pump to produce heat?

In this article, heat pump supplier Carrier elaborates on the logic and benefits of introducing heat pumps as a means of data center cooling and heat recovery.

Read the paper here.

The best energy solution is the solution where no energy is used.

Swedish data center consultant ENACO got the job to optimize a data center’s energy consumption. The measures suggested by Enaco, and implemented by the customer, reduced the total energy consumption with 27% and saved the customer 1 MSEK per year.

Read the case study here.