Vanda 2

Vanda 2 is a green field property situated in Kista/Akalla just north of Stockholm City. It is located on Vandagatan next to Interxion’s Stockholm data center.

The zoning plan contains rights to construct a building with a total gross floor area of 12 000 m2 with a building area of 4 200 m2. The construction rights allow for offices or light industry, including a data center. A process has been initiated to optimize the current zoning to data center requirements.

Fortum Värme’s Data Center Cooling as a Service chilled water plant will be located next to the property and will provide up to 24 MW chilled water cooling capacity to the site with heat recovery.

As from contract, the following lead times apply:
• One or two physically separated chilled water connections to the site: 6 months
• Physically separated Dark fiber connections to the site already available

Following a complete request for building permission, a permission can typically be issued within 10 weeks.

Power supply
The power supply of Data Park Kista is arranged from two substations, Hägerstalund and Husby. The primary power supply to the Northern part (Vanda 1, Vanda 2 and Salo properties) is provided from Hägerstalund located 800 m away. For the Southern part (Varmvattnet 5 and Aura 1 properties) power is supplied from Hägerstalund with the option to have a second connection from Husby). Power can be arranged through either an 11 kV or 33 kV connection.

For Salo and Vanda 2, there are currently 3.6 MW of power available. For Vanda 1, the building has available power commensurate for data center deployment in the vacant space (up to 6 MW).

For Varmvattnet 5, 6 MW is being made available for 2H-2018.

For all sites in Kista, an additional 12 MW can be made available on 12 months’ notice from Hägerstalund based on customer engagement. On top of that, 38 additional MW can be made available as of Q2-2020, based on customer engagement.

Furthermore, 14 MW can be made available from Husby, also within 12 months’ notice based on customer engagement.

Property name

Vanda 2


Vandagatan 3


Greenfield with construction rights

Construction rights

12 000 sqm

For sale/rent


Chilled water cooling capacity

Up to 24 MW

Heat recovery




GPS Coordinates


Plot of Land Area

10 712 sqm

Max building height

11 and 20 m

Property Owner

City of Stockholm

Chilled water temp.

19 °C

Dark fiber


Property fact sheet

Property contact

  • Erik Rylander
  • Head of Data Center Cooling and Heat recovery
  • Stockholm Exergi