Stockholm is hot

In more ways than one. Global brands, pop stars and the Nobel Prize all call it home. Technology innovators and start-ups thrive here.

Make your next investment in the capital of Scandinavia and let your data center’s excess heat be part of keeping its citizens warm year-round. It’s a brilliant idea: you stop wasting energy and you get paid at the same time. Cost turns into revenue when data centers become part of the city’s eco system. Read more about the purpose and partners behind Stockholm Data Parks.

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Stockholm event to focus on EU data center energy challenges

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World Economic Forum praises heat recovery in Stockholm

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White Paper on Data Center Cooling and Heat Recovery



If you want to learn more about Stockholm Data Parks, heat recovery. Or the investment opportunities, please contact us for more information.

  • Erik Rylander
  • Head of Data Center Cooling and Heat recovery
  • Stockholm Exergi
  • Tora Holm
  • Business Development Invest Stockholm
  • Stockholm Business Region

Karin Wanngård, Mayor of Stockholm City

“So far, data centers have been built with little consideration for the environment. We want to change that. We want future data centers to be even more cost efficient and truly green. With that objective, we are determined to make Stockholm a major hub for sustainable data centers. Together with other key players we have set up a partnership - Stockholm Data Parks - to make it happen.”