Stockholm Data Parks - Green computing redefined

Imagine a place where the energy is green and excess data center heat isn’t wasted. Imagine Stockholm.

Stockholm Data Parks is an initiative by the City of Stockholm, district heating and cooling provider Stockholm Exergi, power grid operator Ellevio and dark fiber provider Stokab.

The vision is clear, a data center industry where no heat is wasted. We see data center excess heat as a valuable resource that can be part of fighting climate change. The City’s objective is to be entirely fossil fuel free by 2040, and we have invited data centers to play a key role in this transition.

To make it happen, we have made Stockholm an attractive hub for large data centers which employ heat recovery. We believe it’s a win-win where the data center industry can reach the next level of cost efficiency and sustainability and at the same time be part of the City’s transition to a fully sustainable energy system.

It’s a brilliant idea: you stop wasting energy and you get paid at the same time. Cost turns into revenue when data centers become part of the city’s eco system. Read more about the partners behind Stockholm Data Parks.


  • Peter Sivengård
  • Head of Production Collaborations
  • Stockholm Exergi