Customer references

Our solutions are industry proven with key data center players already relying on cooling and heat recovery from Stockholm Exergi, power from Ellevio and dark fiber from Stokab.

More than 30 data centers in Stockholm are connected to the district heating and cooling networks and Stockholm Exergi has over 25 years’ of experience with recovering heat from data centers.

Interxion data center in Kista, Stockholm

“For me, heat recovery is part of making data centers greener. The collaboration we have with Stockholm Exergi makes it possible for us to use the excess energy for residential heating in a financially attractive way. This is a perfect example of a technical solution that combined with the cold climate makes the Nordics a great place for building datacenters. We continue to innovate and work with Stockholm Exergi and are right now exploring how the cooling and heat recovery can be defined for our future expansion.”

A top modern Global ICT center

“We have worked hard to connect our Stockholm data centers to the district heating/cooling network to enable heat recovery of the excess heat. The vast district heating network in Stockholm provides an ideal and secure solution for heat recovery which is a perfect match with our data centers.”

Bahnhof - A pioneer in heat recovery

“The fact that we are based in Stockholm with its vast district heating and district cooling networks has opened for a new way of thinking about cooling, sustainability and solutions that are unbeatable financially, which translates to significant benefits for our data center customers.”

Brand new sustainable datacenter

“Stockholm Exergi’s cooling service has allowed us to make an already efficient data center even better. The straightforward connection to Stockholm Exergi’s system gave us the opportunity to recycle energy that would otherwise have been rejected. As a bonus we doubled the redundancy of our cooling system. With the favorable economic and environmental impact, we are now looking into deploying heat recovery in our other data centers.”