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New H&M data center in Stockholm features large scale heat recovery

Leading fashion retailer H&M has decided to build a new data center in Stockholm with cooling and heat recovery integrated from the start. Energy company Fortum Värme will reuse the data center excess heat by distributing it to customers throughout the city. The new H&M data center is designed to handle an IT load of 1 MW and can heat some 2,500 modern residential apartments at full load.

H&M’s decision is a validation of Fortum Värme’s and Stockholm Data Parks’ ambition to attract and promote a data center industry where no heat is wasted. H&M has recovered heat from its Stockholm data centers since 2013, and the new data center, which will be operational in 2018, significantly extends and multiplies H&M’s contribution to heating the city.

“IT is at the core of H&M’s business, and it’s important for us to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do. Just as we collect second hand clothes for reuse and recycling, it will be imperative for future data centers to recover excess heat,” says Jan Lundin, head of H&M data centers.

The solution chosen by H&M uses heat pumps in an N+1 configuration. Excess energy is fed directly from the data center to the district heating network at the required temperature.

“It’s fantastic that a growing number of companies are connecting their systems to our district heating network and stop wasting data center excess heat. I’m particularly thrilled that H&M, which has been gaining experience of heat recovery in recent years, has decided to design its data center with a redundant cooling and heat recovery solution from the outset. It’s smart and profitable, and together we can make Stockholm even more sustainable,” says Erik Rylander, Head of Stockholm Data Parks at Fortum Värme.

Close to ninety percent of all buildings in Stockholm are connected to the district heating network. The Swedish capital is one of the few cities in the world where large-scale heat reuse from major data centers is possible. The objective is to meet ten percent of the city’s heating needs through heat recovery.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Rylander
Head of Stockholm Data Parks
Fortum Värme
+46 70 693 51 84

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SDP in collaboration with the real estate industry

On June 20th Stockholm Data Parks attended the ULI Tech Conference in London to take part in a panel debate on “The 4th Revolution – Urban Evolution”. The Conference brought together cross sector knowledge sharing in the real estate and land development industries. In the panel Erik Rylander emphasised the need for systemic and collaborative thinking, plus the valued add that data center heat reuse can bring in urban development.

Please find a copy of the Speakers Bio’s and a the Conference Programme below.

ULI Tech Conference 2017, London

ULI Tech Conference 2017, London

ULI Tech Conference 2017, London

Reduced electricity tax for more data centers in Sweden

In today’s budget proposition by the Swedish government, two important changes affecting data centers were introduced. First, the previous change to lower the electricity tax for data centers in Sweden is suggested to be extended to data centers larger than 0.1 MW (previously larger than 0.5 MW). Secondly, ensuring neutrality between different cooling and heat recovery solution, it is suggested that the tax reduction explicitly applies to the production of heat and cooling for data centers also when supplied by an external company, like Fortum Värme in Stockholm Data Parks.

Read mote about the budget proposition by the Swedish government regarding the lowered electricity tax

Tomorrow’s cities: Stockholm turns green – BBC article on heat recovery

In an recent article from BBC Erik Rylander, Manager Stockholm Data Parks, describes the benefits of the district heating network in Stockholm and heat recovery from data centers and supermarkets, heating thousands of apartments yearly. The article notes a trend towards green and sustainable solutions within the data center business.

Read the article from BBC about heat recovery in Stockholm

Power Briefings – Swedish Data Centers – Stockholm Data Parks will be there

February 14 in Washington DC, and February 16 in Sillicon Valley, Business Sweden arranges a power briefing regarding Swedish Data Centers.

The purpose is to gain insights from industry experts on how Sweden can partner with you in establishing a cost effective & sustainable presence in Northern Europe.

Stockholm Data Parks will be there.

Pressrelease – Stockholm set new standards for sustainable data centers

The City of Stockholm launches Stockholm Data Parks to attract investment in data centers where waste heat is recycled and used to heat the city.

STOCKHOLM, January 24, 2017. A partnership comprising the City of Stockholm, Fortum Värme, Ellevio, Stokab and Invest Stockholm, today launched Stockholm Data Parks. The initiative seeks to help large data centers maximize cost efficiency and sustainability with low cost renewable electricity and paid-for heat recovery which is then distributed to Stockholm’s heating system. The long-term objective is to supply 10 percent of the city’s residential heating demand through recovered excess heat from data centers.

Stockholm Data Parks bring together the basic data center infrastructure elements to minimize startup costs and time to market for data center investors. At the ready-to-build sites, the necessary power, cooling, heat recovery and dark fiber infrastructure is predefined. The sites launched today are located in Kista/Akalla, the ICT hub of Sweden. Over time, data parks in other locations will be added to the program. Fully built out, recovered heat from Stockholm Data Parks will play an important role in the city’s future fossil-free energy system and data centers locating in Stockholm Data Parks have the potential to become net climate positive.

Setting new standards for sustainable data centers also entails reaching new cost levels. In addition to the cost of electricity decreasing to less than €0.04 per kilowatt-hour because of the recent tax change for data centers, Stockholm Data Parks will offer free data center cooling as a service in exchange for the excess heat when data center load exceeds 10 MW.

“So far, most data centers have been built with little consideration for the environment. We want to change that. With the significant synergies between recovered data center heat and the city’s environmental objective to become fossil fuel-free by 2040, I am determined to make Stockholm a major hub for sustainable data centers,” says Karin Wanngård, Mayor of the City of Stockholm.

“With a market of more than 80 million people within a roundtrip delay of 30 milliseconds, covering all major cities of Northern Europe, the Baltic states and western Russia, Stockholm is an ideal location for cloud players and other major data center actors,” adds Göran Långsved, Chariman of the Board at Fortum Värme.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Rylander
Head of Data Center Cooling and Heat recovery
Fortum Värme
+46 70 693 51 84

Torbjörn Bengtsson
Head of ICT,
Invest Stockholm
+46 8 508 280 06