Author: Sara Wretborn

Sustainable startegies for data centers debated in Monaco

At Datacloud Europe in Monaco on June 14, Erik Rylander pushed for the opportunities created when data centers expand in urban areas.

Today, in many geographies data center growth is seen as a burden in the public infrastructure. However, when properly integrated, data centers can contribute to society and create win-win situations. Such integration can incorporate heat recovery and load balancing of the power grid.

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Stockholm Data Parks at Datacloud Europe in Monaco, June 12-14

June 12, the annual data center event Datacloud Europe will take place in Monaco. Stockholm Data Parks will be there, this time in a joint venture with Data Centers by Sweden, Business Sweden. In addition to being part of a panel discussion about Energy Sourcing for the Future Data Centre, Sweden is in the final for the Data Centre Cloud Awards – fingers crossed.

Stockholm Data Parks in Panel discussion – “Energy Sourcing for the Future Data Center – Are Current Strategies Sustainable?”

Sustainability is increasingly key factor when it comes to validating locations around the world. As large and increasingly scrutinised consumers of energy, data centers are under great pressure to improve their sustainability credentials. Energy sourcing is a natural link to this and is the focus of this year’s event in one of the panel discussions on the Critical Infrastructure Strategy theatre. We are looking forward to discussing the following topics:

  • Leading data center’s strategies for sustainable business – How can we learn from the bigger players?
  • Industry’s environmental challenge and current – Can a regulation of the DC industry be relevant to address growing environmental issues? How and when?
  • Examples of how data centers can become part of the circular economy etc.

In the panel: representatives from Stockholm Exergi, DigiPlex, Node Pole, E.ON and safely moderated by CBRE. From Stockholm Exergi, Erik Rylander, Head of Stockholm Data Parks participates.

Stockholm in the final of Data Centre Geographical Location Award

The Datacloud Awards provide recognition to genuine inspiration, innovation and excellence.  Along with three other countries; Denmark, Nigeria and Norway, Sweden is in the final of the Data Centre Geographical Location Award.. The priceRecognise excellence in the geographical location for data centres in EMEA,. The location have to utline the plans they have made to ensure that their location is attractive to operators and cloud services providers in terms of geographic location, fibre infrastructure and connectivity, energy availability, taxation and skills pool. And have to Explain why their location is uniquely competitive as well as why it’s important to the location.

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Stand 58 – Data Centers by Sweden

Stockholm Data Parks will be present at the event on June 12-14 and one of the exhibitors in stand 58, Data Center by Sweden. Other representatives in this stand will be Node Pole, Business Sweden, Telia Carrier, Invest Stockholm and Stockholm Data Parks, Invest in Dalarna, Hight Coast Invest, Eon och Forlax Datacenter.

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The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce recognizes Stockholm Data Parks

At the annual members’ meeting at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce on May 31st, Stockholm Data Parks was once again recognized as a leading example that makes the capital more attractive, competitive and sustainable.

Johan Börje, Stockholm Data Parks, Offers European Perspective on Tax Incentives at NYC Data Center Summit

May 14, New York. Johan Börje, Stockholm Data Parks in panel discussion at Capre Media Event where he offered a European perspective on incentives.

“We have a completely different type of competition pool,” he began. “One should be really careful in Europe to actually engage in incentives, because ultimately the European Commission may come back and say that was illegal. And then you have to pay it back. Because you’re not allowed to give specific incentives – they all have to be general to the economy.”

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Stockholm Data Parks receives price from Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

On Friday May 4th, Stockholm Data Parks received the “Boosting the Capital” award for the month of May from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Erik Rylander, in charge of Stockholm Data Parks at Stockholm Exergi, represented Stockholm Data Parks at the awards ceremony.

The motivation of the price was: “In an innovative way Stockholm Data Parks contributes to making the energy supply of the city more efficient. Through cooperation between Stockholm City and several of the region’s energy companies, you have created a new-thinking concept in which the data center industry meets sustainability, thus making the metropolitan area more attractive, competitive and climate-friendly. ”

Stockholm Data Parks invites companies to establish data centers in Stockholm, making them part of the city’s energy system through, among other things, paid-for heat recovery.

What is the Boosting the Capital Prize?
The prize is handed out every month to three people who helped to make the capital better. Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is working to strengthen the region’s attractiveness and competitiveness.


Photo: Erik Rylander, Stockholm Exergi/Stockholm Data Parks and Tora Holm, Invest Stockholm

The Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Transformation Summit – we will be there

Next week, May 2, The Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Transformation Summit will take place in New York. Topics that will be discussed are among others; “Designing hyperscale data centers for the future” and “The death of the enterprise data center? Exaggerated reports challenged!”.

Johan Börje, Director of Marketing at Stockholm Data Park (Stockholm Exergi), will contribute input on the subject Data Center Cooling and Heat Recovery.

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Stockholm Data Parks in Discussion Panel at Carpe’s New York Data Center Summit

Thursday, April 5, Johan Börje, Director of Marketing at Stockholm Data Parks will attend to Carpe’s Seventh Annual Greater New York Data Center Summit as part of a discussion panel. Discussion points will be Cost of development, Connectivity improvements tied to site selection and Analysis of on-site power generation methods, among other things.

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