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SDP in collaboration with the real estate industry

On June 20th Stockholm Data Parks attended the ULI Tech Conference in London to take part in a panel debate on “The 4th Revolution – Urban Evolution”. The Conference brought together cross sector knowledge sharing in the real estate and land development industries. In the panel Erik Rylander emphasised the need for systemic and collaborative thinking, plus the valued add that data center heat reuse can bring in urban development.

Please find a copy of the Speakers Bio’s and a the Conference Programme below.

ULI Tech Conference 2017, London

ULI Tech Conference 2017, London

ULI Tech Conference 2017, London

Stockholm Data Parks spread the word in Asia

Last week, May 24-25, one of Asia’s largest Data Center and Cloud events took place in Hong Kong. Stockholm Data Park was there.

Data Center World Hong Kong is one of the biggest events in Asia. Stockholm Data Parks, represented by Erik Rylander was there as speaker giving a presentation on “The next level of data center cost efficiency and sustainability”. Erik’s presentation attracted lots of interest and hopefully another step has now been taken towards the first major data center establishment by an Asian player in Stockholm.

View Erik’s full presentation: Stockholm_Data_Parks_DCW_Hongkong_May-17

China Telecom opens faster routes to Asia

Stockholm Data Parks had a chance to speak with Fred Jiang, Chief representative for China Telecom in the Nordic region. China Telecom is the largest fixed-line and the third largest mobile communications provider in China. The company provides services to more than 216 million subscribers, making it the biggest fixed operator in the world.

China Telecom is responsible for more than 62% of China’s internet bandwidth and has around 300,000 employees with a revenue close to $50 billion. Founded in 2002, the company is listed on the Hong Kong and NYC stock exchanges, with the Chinese government holding a majority share.

The company is present on all key markets, with nine offices in Europe, and recently decided to enter the Nordic region with Stockholm as the HQ-location.

Fred, why did China Telecom decide to enter the Nordic market?
– China Telecom’s strategy is to be present on all major markets. The Nordic countries are among the most developed markets with a high a penetration of services and appetite for new offerings. In the Nordic countries you find, on the one hand, more and more companies doing business with China and, on the other hand, more and more Chinese companies establishing themselves in the Nordic region. All these companies need high-speed, high quality connections to China, within China and to the rest of Asia. This is a great business opportunity for China Telecom.

Stockholm has been chosen as the Nordic HQ since it is the key node to collect and transfer all Nordic traffic to the China.

What are the key services that China Telecom are offering on the Nordic market?
– China Telecom has a very broad product portfolio addressing Enterprises as well as Operators. For Enterprises, we offer the full range of voice, IP and data services, including managed and cloud services. For any company having operations in Sweden and China, we can offer the best total solution for high-speed, low latency connectivity and data storage services. Throughout Europe, we back up our services with strong SLAs in cooperation with local partners. We are also expanding our offering for Internet of Things, like smart locks and smart windows, together with Swedish partners.

In a similar manner, we help global operators to secure high quality connectivity to China and other Asian countries.

What are the key advantages of the China Telecom offering?
– With our own, dedicated connection to China, we can offer the best low latency link connecting Stockholm with China in less than 110 milliseconds roundtrip delay. Over this link, we offer all types of connectivity at very competitive prices. In addition, we ensure the most efficient connectivity to all major cities on China main land.

What is China Telecom’s view on sustainability?
China Telecom views all dimensions of sustainability as very important – economic, social and environmental sustainability. Historically, we have been much focused on economic and social sustainability, including governance and transparency. China Telecom was elected “No. 1 Overall Best Managed Company in Asia” in Euromoney’s “Best Managed Companies Survey 2016”. In addition, China Telecom was also named as “No.1 Best Managed Company in Telecommunications Sector in Asia”. This is the seventh year in a row that the company has won the award from equity analysts at leading banks and financial institutions across the globe. China Telecom also strives to achieve an environmentally friendly development to assist the green development of the economy and society. Here we believe the Nordic countries are very advanced and are inspired by your countries’ solutions.

Stockholm-based companies describe the importance of access to an operator-neutral fibre infrastructure

Näringsminister Mikael Damberg – Amazon Web Services intåg viktigt för Sverige

Data Centre World, Hong Kong 2017 – Stockholm Data Parks will be there!

Place and date: Hong Kong, May 24–25 2017

The last week of May, the biggest Data Center and Cloud event will take place in Hong Kong. Over 7,000 senior IT professionals from across North Asia are expected to visit Data Centre World Hong Kong and other co-located technology events. Read more about it at Data Centre World.

Hear us speak!
Stockholm Data Parks will attend and one of the speakers will be Erik Rylander, head of Stockholm Data Parks at Fortum Värme. Mr. Rylander has a long career within Fortum in different managerial positions. In recent years he has played a leading role in the development and deployment of Fortum’s business model that allow data centers to turn costs for cooling into revenue from recovered heat. Boosted by the recent Swedish data center electricity tax cut, Mr. Rylander and his team have set up a scheme that integrates data centers in the urban energy system, resulting in unparalleled sustainability and cost efficiency.

About Stockholm Data Parks
Stockholm Data Parks is an initiative to help large data centers maximize cost efficiency and sustainability through low cost renewable electricity and paid-for heat recovery, which is distributed to Stockholm’s heating system. The long-term objective is to supply 10 percent of the city’s residential heating demand through recovered excess heat from data centers.

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Interesting article by Richard Milne, Special Report FT 1000: Europe’s fast growing Countries. Intervju with Jacob de Geer that wants the Swedish capital to be made more alluring to business:

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